Discover how Palette fixes the way sales commissions are calculated.

3 steps to get started with Palette

Connect your CRM
We developped 1-click secured connection with Hubspot, Salesforce, Sellsy, Close, QuickBooks and others.
Create plans
and define your rules
Use our templates or create your own rules with our plan designer.
Invite team
Invite your sales team in Palette as well as your managers, finance and HR teams so they can access the data they need.


Automate commission calculation

Create commission rules

Create commission plans based on any CRM element and on multiple criteria present in the CRM (Opportunities, engagement, deals, invoices, meetings etc.)

Define a payout schedule

Differentiate commission calculation and commission payment. With Palette you can create conditional payouts based on criteria (ex: pay commissions on annual deals the next month but pay the ones on monthly deals in 4 different payments)

Access monthly statements (export data to your payroll software)

You may want to extract data to communicate with your team or to integrate the payouts in your HR software.
Automate commission calculation

Motivate sales professionals with real-time visibility into commissions

Drive behavior

The comp plan should be aligned with your strategy in order to drive your sales team behavior.

Trust and transparency first

Bringing full transparency and real time visibility on the commissions improves trust in the company.

Salaries must have a precise and traceable way of calculation

The calculation HAS to be error-free and determinist. Using a software is essential to have history logs and to keep calculation details.

Easily track sales performance

With Palette you can easily check if a team is on target or not by checking their progress in the compensation plans.
Motivate sales professionals with real-time visibility into commissions

Simulate, compare and design commission plans

Compare plans in one click

Easily compare plans and check sales performances side by side.

Design plans easily with our templates ready-to-go

Plans are often customized for your team but the base of the rules are usually known frameworks. We designed the most common type of plans and propose them as templates. They can be used like that but are also a great way to start designing a plan.
Simulate, compare and design commission plans

Regain control over commissions

Overwrite manually any data (we log every change)

Keep full flexibility over the data.

Handle commission splits

All corner cases are handled via Palette.

Use our threads to leave comments and keep track of every change

You will be able to explain and track every change.

Deploy more-complex but fairer commission rules

Unleash the power of Palette to align your compensation plans with your strategy.
Regain control over commissions

Want to see more ?

Discover how Palette can help your team design and manage the compensation plans by booking a demo with us.

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Your data is safe
Security first
We deal with critical data. It is our job to keep everything safe and secure. We apply encryption and implemented security measures and procedures to secure the data.
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Fast onboarding
We ensure a fast onboarding so you can see your plans live in just a couple of days.