Automate your commission data with powerful data integrations

Palette integrates with many data sources. Discover the most popular data integrations.

Data integrations

3 steps to get started with Palette

Connect your CRM
We developped 1-click secured connection with Hubspot, Salesforce, Sellsy, Close, QuickBooks and others.
Create plans
and define your rules
Use our templates or create your own rules with our plan designer.
Invite team
Invite your sales team in Palette as well as your managers, finance and HR teams so they can access the data they need.

The best teams know they can rely on Palette

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A single source of truth your teams can trust

finance teams

finance iconFinance

Easily manage and pay sales commissions on data you can trust.
Palette consolidates invoicing systems with CRM data, to reconcile sales commissions with invoices and collected cash.
Have a clear and real-time view of the company’s performances and payout forecasts.
Optimize commission plans with scenarios, back-tests and what-if analyses.
sales teams

sales iconSales teams

Motivate your team with real-time dashboards and commission statements.
Palette brings trust, transparency and visibility for everyone.
On top of compensation plans, use challenges to boost short term objectives and performance metrics.
revenue teams

revenue iconRevenue Operations

Create and adapt commissions and bonuses to align incentives with your company’s ambitions and strategy.
Easily adjust or split commissions and manage quota and team assignments.
Validate commissions in a snap thanks to clear approval workflows and built-in integrations with payroll tools.

Want to see more ?

Discover how Palette can help your team design and manage the compensation plans by booking a demo with us.