How to
design commission plans
for your sales team

Learn how to set up the best commission plan for your sales team. Make it an engine of growth and motivation for your sales.

The Process for Creating a Sales Compensation Plan

Whether you’re building a sales compensation plan from scratch or re-building an old one, you must understand the Basic Requirements of a Good Sales Comp Plan.
A good compensation plan is easy to implement and benefits everyone.
Keep it Simple. It should be understandable by everyone.
Show Causality. Your compensation should be directly related to your business goals.
Think Short. Keep the time between activity and compensation the shortest possible.
Fair for Everyone. All compensation must be fair and equal to everyone.
Must be Easy. Easy to measure. Easy to manage. Easy to update. Easy to understand.
shape the future of sales ops

Complexity is our job

No matter how complex your commission plans are, Palette can integrate and automate them. We take care of everything and slot right into your existing workflows.

Compensation plans,
finally automated.

We decided to create software that’s both accessible and easy to set up. Our goal is to simplify the compensation process, improve automation and ensure transparency for each and every sales rep. We also want to eliminate the errors that can arise from carrying out this work manually in spreadsheets. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive palette of tools with the goal of improving the performance of the sales teams who use our solution.